Digital Hygiene by J. Gregory McVerry (
Take stock of your digital life. You will either use digital tools to help with organization, the quantified self, or do a digital detox Your goal is to understand the human computer interaction while improving your life Reflect on the choices you made.


“Learn Something New” Final Reflection

Just about every element of this class was a “Learn Something New” experience for me. From the moment “Week Zero” launched, I questioned whether I had the technological literacy to successfully navigate this class in 3 weeks. With week 1 approaching fast, I ultimately decided to purchase my WordPress subscription and dive head first into the launch videos. I was up and running at the start of week 1. I bookmarked my website, the slack feed, and the EDU522 Boot Camp website, so that at the very least the resources I needed would be at my fingertips.

My “Learn Something New” project wasn’t about the entire class, but specifically learning how to bring my website vision to life. On the first day of class I dipped my toes into designing my page. I added a photo, background color, and changed the font. Then, on the second day of class we launched Elementor, which brought our design capabilities to a whole new level. Despite the tutorial videos, and web support, having these (what felt like) limitless options created a hurdle for me. I felt nervous to play in the design sandbox, mostly because I was afraid that I would mess with too many things, and not be able to back myself out.

I basically stayed clear of Elementor, until we were asked to sketch out our ideal homepage design. I believe the feedback I received after uploading my design was something to the effect of “it’s a complicated design, but we’ll get you there”. That’s when I decided to take Elementor head on.

A key feature to Elementor that I learned about quickly was the “undo” area, that also keeps a history from the time you start editing, until you hit update. That was helpful when I went too far, except that on a few occasions I hit “update” instead of “undo”. There are also a ton of tutorial videos that are easily searchable. I bookmarked a few that I used, and thought others might be interested in. Still I’ve experienced hurdles that have been frustrating. The biggest is how my home screen displays across devices. For that I have pretty much come to the conclusion that I can’t use my header image If I want my site to be mobile and tablet visually appealing.

Nearing the end of this class, my website isn’t complete, but that was not my learning subjective for this project. What I wanted was to learn how to use Elementor to bring my vision to life, and that I feel I accomplished. I also really enjoyed exploring the various features. Actually, I had fun, and I tapped into a creative side I didn’t know existed. This was a great project for me because I could learn by doing. I plan to continue to play with my web page beyond the conclusion of EDU522.

Today, I really immersed myself in designing my webpage. I learned about a number of features that Elementor has to offer. Some of the tools I learned from tutorial videos, while others simply by trial and error. Below are some of my experiences:

I learned how to manipulate existing templates and create new ones. Several of the header templates provided by Elementor are great starting platforms for a new page. Creating custom templates helps tremendously if you are looking for consistently within, and across all pages. Getting the exact font, style, color, etc. every time you add an element can be time consuming, so I used custom templates when I built my FC101 page.

Another feature that I found out about today was the “responsiveness” tool. I was disappointed the other day when I hopped on my home page from my iPhone, and discovered how disproportionate, and distorted my page looked from a mobil view. In a video tutorial I learned that while editing a page you can switch between mobil, tablet, and computer view. You can adjust your page specifically for each view without disrupting the other views. I’ve now adjusted each of my pages so that it’s mobile, tablet, and computer screen friendly(ish)- still needs work.

One of the most exciting accomplishments I made today was successfully embedding an Animoto project, and Glogster poster I created. I did this by dropping a HTML widget and uploading the link. I was shocked that both projects appeared on my web page. Luckily I had learned about margin adjustments, so I was able to format it.

I am excited about how my website is coming together.

This tutorial video gives instructions on how to save templates. I created templates and used them to build out my FC101 page today.

Learn something new video journal #1

Overview of my experience following the tutorial video I posted. The file was too big so I had to export it with a lower resolution. Learning within my learning project.


Cheri How to (Screencast-O-Matic)

Dr. McVerry created a tutorial on how to make images on my homepage take the circle shape. In order for this to happen, the original image needed to be square. To do that, I uploaded the image to my iPhone. From there I opened photos and found the image. I tapped the edit button->crop, and used the feature that converts the picture into a square image. (see figures below).

Tap the square button shown in the yellow circle.

select “square”

I saved the revised picture. Then uploaded it into my media file and followed the instructions in the video.

Learn Something New

I am going to learn how to bring the vision I have for my website to life using Elementor. This is a completely new program to me, and it’s definitely not what I would call “intuitive”. Earlier this week we were asked to create a draft of our ideal webpage design, and I was pretty excited about my vision. After spending a few hours this weekend playing around, I’ve come to realize I have a lot to learn in order to effectively use Elementor. I hit some major stumbling blocks. I thought about jumping on my computer this morning and deleting my entire homepage. Instead I decided to use this as my “Learn Something New” project. Building a website that I can use beyond EDU522 has become a learning objective of mine… after all I did pay for the yearly subscription. Therefore, it only makes sense that for the last week of this class I put all of my energy towards creating my vision.

Over the next week I will be documenting my progress. I don’t expect that by the conclusion of this class my website will be perfect. During a conversation about my complex website design Dr. McVerry said “well, when you give a kid their first box of legos, do you want them to try to build the Eiffel Tower?” My goal this week is not to build the Eiffel Tower, but maybe at the very least, a monument worthy of Paris.