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Today, I really immersed myself in designing my webpage. I learned about a number of features that Elementor has to offer. Some of the tools I learned from tutorial videos, while others simply by trial and error. Below are some of my experiences:

I learned how to manipulate existing templates and create new ones. Several of the header templates provided by Elementor are great starting platforms for a new page. Creating custom templates helps tremendously if you are looking for consistently within, and across all pages. Getting the exact font, style, color, etc. every time you add an element can be time consuming, so I used custom templates when I built my FC101 page.

Another feature that I found out about today was the “responsiveness” tool. I was disappointed the other day when I hopped on my home page from my iPhone, and discovered how disproportionate, and distorted my page looked from a mobil view. In a video tutorial I learned that while editing a page you can switch between mobil, tablet, and computer view. You can adjust your page specifically for each view without disrupting the other views. I’ve now adjusted each of my pages so that it’s mobile, tablet, and computer screen friendly(ish)- still needs work.

One of the most exciting accomplishments I made today was successfully embedding an Animoto project, and Glogster poster I created. I did this by dropping a HTML widget and uploading the link. I was shocked that both projects appeared on my web page. Luckily I had learned about margin adjustments, so I was able to format it.

I am excited about how my website is coming together.

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