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Learn Something New

I am going to learn how to bring the vision I have for my website to life using Elementor. This is a completely new program to me, and it’s definitely not what I would call “intuitive”. Earlier this week we were asked to create a draft of our ideal webpage design, and I was pretty excited about my vision. After spending a few hours this weekend playing around, I’ve come to realize I have a lot to learn in order to effectively use Elementor. I hit some major stumbling blocks. I thought about jumping on my computer this morning and deleting my entire homepage. Instead I decided to use this as my “Learn Something New” project. Building a website that I can use beyond EDU522 has become a learning objective of mine… after all I did pay for the yearly subscription. Therefore, it only makes sense that for the last week of this class I put all of my energy towards creating my vision.

Over the next week I will be documenting my progress. I don’t expect that by the conclusion of this class my website will be perfect. During a conversation about my complex website design Dr. McVerry said “well, when you give a kid their first box of legos, do you want them to try to build the Eiffel Tower?” My goal this week is not to build the Eiffel Tower, but maybe at the very least, a monument worthy of Paris.

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