in Module 5

For modules 1-4 we were asked to use specific styles or tools to illustrate content we learned from the readings. Note taking, annotating, and using charts are all great ways to organize content that you learn. I think as educators it’s important to expose learners to these various techniques.

My learning style is different. I learn and retain information by actively listening/reading. My notes are typically just words, page numbers, and/or drawings. They are triggers to jog my memory of the more specific content connected to them. They make very little sense to anyone else. The problem is that this type of learning, often gives off the illusion that the learner is disengaged or underprepared. I often go to meetings with a notebook just for appearance purposes. I am more inclined to use post-its than notepads.

I think it’s important to remember that there are students in our classrooms who might also learn this way. It can be difficult to decipher the difference between a disengaged learner, and someone who is simply retaining information differently. I cringe when I hear an instructor accuse a student of not listening because they aren’t taking notes.

So for module 5, I stuck to my comfort of learning.


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