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I built image carousels on a few of my pages. These are effective ways to display many images on a static page without overloading the page with pictures all over the place. It allows a gallery without diluting content. Select images that you would want to appear in the gallery and upload them to Wo...

Earlier this week I was having a terrible time understanding how to design and build my webpage. I had a blog, and a home page, both of which I had barely scratched the surface of using Elementor. I decided to check out your page for a point of reference.

I was amazed at how much you had launched already. Aside from how well constructed it was, I was more impressed with the number of interactive tools you had used. In particular I found the carousel feature you used to be not only appealing, but appropriate for the content of your site.

In the short period of time I spent clicking around your page, I learned several things that became the inspiration for my own site. For example, I learned that I needed to create multiple pages that stem off of my home page. I learned that Elementor had a ton to offer that I hadn’t even begun to explore. Overall, you really inspired me to dive in. I think your 6th graders are going to enjoy what you have built.

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