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Pomodoro Technique Day 1 Reflection:

Today was my first day attempting to utilize the Pomodoro Technique. It wasn’t a great start, but I attribute a lot of that to the fact that my day didn’t necessarily go as planned either. I spent much more time in the office than I intended to, on projects unrelated to my 3 major projects for the week.

In addition, I am realizing that my Mac with all its cool capabilities, is quite distracting. I need to figure out how to disable all the pop up notifications that flood my screen when I am working. Most recently google started sending me notifications.

Nevertheless, I did complete a reading for Mod 4 using the tomato timer. I like how the countdown displays in the web browser. I also created my visual for the Mod 4 readings. Tomorrow I plan to structure my day much better so that I can put the Pomodoro Technique to the test.

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