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How Open Pedagogy, Affinity Spaces, and Badges connect.

I found the order in which the modules were presented in this class really built on each other. Learning first about Open Pedagogy provided a foundation to help understand affinity spaces. Open Pedagogy is about sharing knowledge, and affinity space is where it happens. It is the perfect recipe for co-learning.

There are many examples of this concept. Twitter is a perfect example. I had the opportunity to connect with educators through twitter this week. I also read through a transcript of a live chat where so much co-learning was happening between educators. In true affinity space fashion, it was obvious that educators from all backgrounds and levels we welcome to join and contribute. It was amazing to see something that I had just learned about take place right in front of me.

The concepts of badges does not necessarily fit into all affinity spaces, but it does add an incentive for participants. Affinity spaces that allow participants to earn badges, gives members a tool to measure their own development. Take an app like “Untapped” which was created for the craft beer loving community. You can log beers, share about exclusives, search beers by venue, and earn badges. I am not an active participant, so I can’t speak to what the badges mean. That said, I have friends with over 1000 badges. If I had a strong desire to learn more about craft beer I would be able to easily identify someone who likely has a great deal of knowledge based on the badges they have earned. The same happens in the video game industry.

Overall I find it interesting to understand how these concepts connect with one another.

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